How much does it cost to get started in astronomy

This post will answer the oft repeated question : “How much does it cost to get started in astronomy ?” as well as answer other relevant questions concerning astronomy.

If you have a craving for learning new things, then getting started in astronomy would be a great choice.

In fact, of all the sciences that human beings have ever studied, astronomy is among the very earliest, going back thousands of years.

how much does it cost to get started in astronomy— Astronomy which was being practiced back in its earliest times was mostly the mapping of planets and stars.


Nowadays, this is called “astrometry“.

The Babylonians are credited for an especially crucial early discovery in astronomy, namely the use of mathematics and scientific practices to better understand recurring events such as eclipses and movements of various planets.

In addition astronomy is a science which can be practiced from anywhere on the globe.

A purer form of science can hardly be found since it attempts to gain knowledge about the entire Cosmos and what it contains.

Without a doubt, astronomy is much larger than all of humanity combined.

Most certainly, the telescope is an extremely vital tool which is needed to make new discoveries in astronomy.

From what we know of recorded history, Galileo Galilei, an Italian polymath, was the first person to utilize a telescope in the early 1600`s to gain more knowledge in the field of astronomy.

Buying a good telescope is a desire which many folks will have when they are embarking on their new hobby of astronomy.

In the likely event that what you wish is to buy a good telescope, but everything seems complicated and you are not sure about what choice to make, then make sure to do some thorough research on buying a good beginner telescope.

Since purchasing a new telescope is very similar to buying a new car or a new refrigerator or other major appliance, it will be a major investment.

How much does a beginner telescope cost ?

how much does a beginner telescope cost ?

This is surely the most regularly inquired question from newcomers to stargazing / astronomy.

I can bet on this question being asked of me at 95 percent of all stargazing parties I attend.

However, I think the real question being solicited is “How much does it cost to get started in astronomy ?”

So I typically state : “My scope cost me several hundred bucks but anybody can get started in astronomy by utilizing a good pair of binoculars and a simple tripod.”

I then say for them to get a low-priced steel angle bracket from a local hardware store to join the binoculars to the tripod and in conjunction with an economical star chart from and that is all the preparation needed to start making observations into the sky.

binoculars for astronomy

After a year or two, if there is still a sincere interest in the hobby, consider buying a quality 6-inch or 8-inch Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount with Telrad for approx. 500 bucks or so.

The telescope should be made by a trusted telescope producer such as Celestron, Meade or Orion and cost at least $250 to $300 to be a good investment. If spending any less than that, be prepared to be disappointed with how much you will be able to see.

In addition, high quality telescope accessories will very likely be vital items to also obtain for your new hobby of astronomy.

When first beginning as a newbie in astronomy, try to obtain a good but fairly inexpensive telescope. Meade, Celestron and Orion are trusted sources of high quality products.

The aspiration that you should have is to make the most of the newest innovations in telescope technology to commit the next big step in discovering and learning something new.

Lots of folks utilize the telescope habitually when they participate in astronomy parties which they attend on a weekly basis with other like-minded hobbyists.

There is an infinite curiosity regarding astronomy, almost as infinite as the Cosmos itself.

Even though astronomy is a science, it is an excellent and fascinating hobby as well.

It will expand your mind and sharpen your curiosity, which is rarely a bad thing and will serve you well in your other endeavors.


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